Discover the full potential for your accommodation unit.

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Litto is a modern travel agency that offers top services that make business easier for renters and provide guests with unforgettable experiences through the synergy of tourism and technology.


Increase your profits with less effort

The summer season is upon us and you don’t want to waste any more time on tourists? Partner up with us and spend your holidays with family and friends - on the beach, prefferably.


Define terms of collaboration

You need some assistance with reservations, or you simply want us to take over the whole property management? It’s up to you, choose the model of cooperation that suits you best!


No strings attached

We don't mind if you work with another agency or book the property on your own. The contract is signed for an indefinite period, but it is possible to terminate it at any given time.

Why to choose Litto?

is our specialty

We track the latest tourist trends and adapt to the our partners requirements.

We care about your guests

Stop bothering about guests who just got lost somewhere around Plitvice lakes.

More than 200 promotional channels

Discover how can omnichannel marketing help you get more reservations.

Forget about the administration work

Say goodbye to invoices, annual turnover records and other administrative assignments.

at your disposal

Get in touch with our team for any questions about your villa, renting process or guests.

Straightforward collaboration

Our partners are provided with a detailed business overview at any given moment.


Do you need someone for the check-in process?

Your guests have arrived, but you have to stay longer at work? Don't worry, simply get in touch with Litto and we’ll check your tourists in.

Choose a partnership model

Increase in the number of reservations, administrative support or complete property management - <b>choose the partnership type that suits you best.</b>

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  • Advertising

    your units and increase the number of reservations

  • Price menagment

    according to the market situation

  • Online support

    for renters


  • Basic+

    all services listed in the previous package

  • Administrative work

    guest registration in the eVisitor platform, handling invoices and traffics records.


  • Standard+

    all services listed in the previous packages

  • Maintenance

    and property cleaning

  • Check-in & check-out

    for guests in your property

  • * available in Split and surrounding area

Let’s work together!

Would you like to find out more the perks of becoming a Litto partner? Get in touch with us and arrange a meeting to discuss a potential future collaboration.

girls on couch

Kudos to the young team. Great collaboration, they are always available, I like their office, they are always smiling and everything went extremely well. Excited for the future cooperation!

Vanja, Podstrana