Frequently asked questions?

Here’s a basic list of questions (and answers!) that will shed more light on how can Litto contribute to your tourism endavours.

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What’s the standard contract duration?

The contract is signed for an indefinite period of time. If you decide to rent on your own after all, you can terminate the contract at any time, as soon as we finalize reservations that were already confirmed before the termination date was set into place.

Am I allowed to work with other agencies?

We don’t mind it! You are free to host your regulars, cooperate with other agencies and run your own reservation system. We are quite flexible, as long as you inform us in a timely manner so we can block unavailable dates and avoid any inconveniences with our guests.

Am I still able to independently determine prices for my accommodation?

Happy to hear your suggestions! We will give give you a few propositions to help determine the optimal price according to all relevant criteria - location, accommodation quality, local competitors, and so on.

Can I determine the price of accommodation in my apartment by myself?

You can, however, we always suggest that you consult with one of our agents to determine the best optimal price and thus get more reservations and more profit.

Should I still manage the eVisitor system?

That depends on the type of partnership you sign up for. If you’re in for a BASIC deal, you will still have to report your guests to the eVisitor platform, but in both STANDARD and FULL packages, you can forget about PINs and TANs and passport numbers - we’ve got that covered.

Can I hire Litto only for checkins and checkouts?

Indeed, you can. Outside of our usual three partnership deals, we recently added an additional service that includes checking in (and out) your guests on the spot. Click here to schedule a meeting and we’ll tell you all about it.

Neat, are there any more hidden gems in these Litto partnership deals?

As a matter of fact, there are! We want to offer our guests a comfortable stay during their holiday and truly introduce them to the destination. Together with our external partners, we developed a lengthy list of high quality tour operators in Dalmatia, so don’t you dare to worry, your guests are in for a treat!

What happens if our guests want to extend their stay?

Well, first of all, you need to let us know and we’ll check the availability in that period. If there are no clashes with future dates, you can extend their stay.

What happens if my yearly earnings surpass the 300.000kn annual turnover threshold?

All renter in Croatia access the VAT regularity after they exceed the annual turnover of 300.000 HRK. If you are a non-resident, and you want to become a renter, then you are required to register for VAT purposes.

Anything else on your mind?

Get in touch with Iva once she pops up in the chatbot.

Let’s work together!

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Kudos to the young team. Great collaboration, they are always available, I like their office, they are always smiling and everything went extremely well. Excited for the future cooperation!

Vanja, Podstrana