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  • Booking

    of your accommodation units

  • Support

    phone and online support for all guests 0-24h


  • Booking

    of your accommodation units

  • Support

    phone and online support for all guests 0-24h

  • Check-in

    guests to your accommodation


  • Booking

    of your accommodation units

  • Support

    phone and online support for all guests 0-24h

  • Check-in

    guests to your accommodation

  • maintenance

    of your property

What do we offer?

Individual access to every client

Firstly, we want to hear all of your desires and, in agreement with you, decide on the way of doing business and providing services for you. In order to support you, we are always available 0-24 for all your questions. Also, we are here to help you with categorisation and legalisation of your apartment.Moreover, we offer a free mobile application for guests’ registration on Evisitor system, we help with professional photography of the apartment, decoration assistance, and continually providing top-notch service to you and the guests - we do not change the way and quality of business in the heart of the season.

Online and phone support 0-24 h

Our collaboration allows you to fully relieve yourself in each rental segment. You no longer have to worry if you will be able to fill out your calendar, whether you missed an email, or the time when your guests are coming, did you explain them everything well enough and helped out, or would you be tied to the same place all the time if your guests call for help. That is why we have available 0/24 service for any inquiries and assistance, for you or your guests. For all inquiries, repairs, problems with water supply, locks, electrical engines - we are here and in for help!

Exclusive discounts for your guests

We all like discounts, right? Why not then offer them to the guests? That is why we have chosen the best partners, hiking tours, transfers and restaurants to provide your and our guests the most interesting additional features - at the lowest prices. All in order to let them experience the most complete stay in the destination and to show some of the hidden pearls in the region. They have the full privilege to choose packages, and we are at their disposal 0-24 for all their questions and advices.

Promotion and advertising on domestic and foreign markets

We admit this is nothing innovative, but it is really necessary to announce an apartment on several foreign and domestic channels to allow you to have better sail throughout the year. However, the essentiality here is to highlight your accommodation among the many other apartments. We are sure that our help with professional photographing, describing apartments and advertising on numerous partner sites will be of a great help.

Free mobile applications (evisitor and guests)

The first application applies to you. To simplify the most deceptive part of the apartment management - entering guest data into the Evisitor system - we have developed a mobile application that allows one-click scanning and data entry into the Evisitor system.Furthermore, we developed the second application to make it easier for the guests to book the entire package. In a few clicks we allow them to book an accommodation and transportation to the accommodation unit, as well as to book an excursions and restaurants at exclusive discounts. Additionally, chat on the app allows simple queries at any time of the day and night - and our response is within seconds. In this manner, guests will have the feeling of safety while traveling and their personal agent who will guide them while they are on vacation - absolutely free.

Assist with categorisation and legalisation of apartments

How many times did you felt tired as soon as you hear how you have to do some legal things, and you do not know where to start and how to do it? Million? Us also, so do not worry. But we did these things many times, so we will guide you and take you step by step to get categorisation in the simplest way possible and legally lease your accommodation unit.

Professional photographing and drone video recording

Since we have been convinced that the photo is worth over a thousand words, and that leaving the first impression on the internet portal is one of the key business conditions, finding a good and affordable photographer can be quite complicated. But to avoid it, we have our own professional photographer that will take care of the best quality of pictures! He will "capture" the best details of your apartment and display your facility in the best light. Also, after photographing, your photos will be digitally processed to make the final result best possible. We also offer a video producer to give the guest a high quality view of their accommodation unit.

We are resolving tax fees

Since we are a domestic agency you do not have to pay VAT on our services - we pay for the VAT on commission of and other portals. You do not need to go to Fina agency again and pay taxes on services - we do it for you.

Taking care and running the book of evidence instead of you

If you are really tired of hacking paper and losing time on guest records and entering data into books of evidence - leave it to us! We take over on keeping the records on the incoming guests in the books, we record each account we provide, and keep your guests’ book so that you do not have to bother where and did you have recorded all your accounts accurately. You can rest - we work for you.

You are not tied to a contract

For us, the most importantly thing is your satisfaction with our cooperation. We believe that if you are satisfied with our service, we do not have to tide you with long-term contracts or commit you to cooperation. We are pleased with your voluntary consent and confirmation that we can work for you. If you change your mind at anytime and decide later to use the apartment for your personal purposes, we do not want you to have a contract problem and prevent you from using something that is yours.

Our goal are satisfied clients and guests. We want you to earn while you are resting and chilling at the beach, and all the possible responsibility we are willing to take on ourselves. We provide insurance for your apartment throughout the year at our expense. We also take care that your apartment is always clean and tidy, and the guests are happy and satisfied.

Free apps for our partners (owners)

For owners

Litto CheckIn is a mobile app that allows a simple eVisitor check-in process, using nothing but a smartphone camera to scan identification documents. It also provides insight into basic statistics and season overview.

For guests is an app for tourists who can find out more about their accommodation with just a few clicks, or simply book additional programs like tours and excursions.

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It’s really easy to cooperate with Litto agency since they are a really young team that understand tourism and internet business.

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